Compact Card Holder


The Compact card holder in white leather is a visual symphony where the immaculate purity of the leather blends harmoniously with the black edge dyes and stitching. This marriage of bold contrasts creates a strikingly beautiful design, revealing the singular soul of our luxury leather goods.

Slip it into your pocket or sumptuous Mini Dreamy bag, and enjoy the lightness of this timeless accessory. Its three cleverly arranged compartments give you optimal functionality, putting the essentials at your fingertips during your daily expeditions.

With its graphic, minimalist lines, the Compact Card Holder embodies a modern vision of fine craftsmanship. Express your distinguished personality by adopting this leather jewel, an ode to elegance and refinement.

The Compact card holder in detail

• Handcrafted in our Marseille workshop

• Full-grain French calf leather

• Contrasting saddle stitching in French linen thread

• Two credit card compartments

• One central pocket

• W9.5 x H7.5 cm



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Design & Functionality

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with the Compact card holder in white leather, enhanced with black stitching and dyeing. The boldness of graphic minimalism is here an affirmation of contemporary elegance. The asymmetrical compartments, chiseled with precision, create a visual play that captivates the eye. Two dedicated credit card compartments blend into the whole, while a clever central pocket guards your bills and ephemera souvenirs.

Each stitching is a testament to unwavering attention to detail, while the dyes enrich the white leather, creating a mesmerizing visual duality. The iconic Lamaro brand, hot-embossed, is a signature of authenticity, carrying within it hours of precious craftsmanship. This luxury card holder redefines the experience of refinement. Through his lines and materials, he shapes a narrative of personal distinction.

Manufacturing Secrets

The essence of high leather goods is embodied in the Compact card holder. Each piece is an ode to precision and passion, where every gesture is a declaration of devotion to the beauty of the craft. At the heart of our workshop in Marseille, magic happens. Each card holder is a living sculpture, entirely handcrafted, from the first cut to the final touch.

The saddle stitching, made by hand with French linen thread, is a symbol of know-how. Each stitch is a story of determination and skill, a signature of dedication to perfection. The slices, carefully heat-threaded and hand-dyed, are the epitome of attention to detail. The exclusivity of high-end leather goods is thus revealed in each Compact card holder.

Leathers & Care

The Compact card holder invites you to discover sustainable high leather goods through its exceptional quality leathers resulting from environmentally friendly practices. Every detail of this model embodies a new definition of luxury, where environmental awareness meets timeless elegance.

The outer leather, from the dormant stocks of the Haas tannery in France, offers a touch of bewitching softness. This smooth white calfskin, caressed by the hand of time, retains its shine and silky texture. The inner lining, from the same workshop, is adorned with shiny white calfskin, caviar grain. This combination creates a subtle contrast that enchants the eye with each opening.

Each card holder reflects sustainable leather goods in all its glory, thanks to the use of upcycled leathers. By honoring responsible manufacturing practices, this creation breathes new life into materials while preserving their natural elegance. Leather, as a living element, reacts with time, taking on a unique patina that tells your own story.

To maintain your durable leather goods treasure, protect it from the elements. Avoid excessive humidity, direct light, and prolonged heat to preserve its original splendor. Well-nourished leather is the key to prolonging its durability and beauty. Regularly apply a care balm in delicate, circular motions with a soft cloth, to give your card holder a longevity that matches its look.


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