Mini Dreamy Bag


Experience contemporary refinement with our must-have trendy bag, the Mini Dreamy in its taupe version. This little gem of leather goods embodies modern elegance and the art of living with style.

This taupe-coloured leather, with an extraordinary touch, gives the Mini Dreamy a look that is both sophisticated and resolutely modern. Its subtle, timeless hue reflects a perfect harmony between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary trends, which are also expressed in its clean lines and graphic design.

Perfectly sized, the Mini Dreamy gives you the perfect space to carry your essentials with ease. Its taupe leather blends easily with all your outfits, making it the ideal companion for every moment of your life. Carry it in your hand for classic elegance, or opt for its delicate shoulder strap for added practicality without sacrificing style.

The Mini Dreamy bag in detail

• Handcrafted in our Marseille workshop

• Full-grain French calf leather

• French linen thread saddle stitching

• Silver accessories and magnetic closure

• W17 x H28 x D6 cm


Design & Functionality

The Mini Dreamy seduces with its trapezoidal, graphic and minimalist shape, which expresses the boldness and originality of the Lamaro house. Its two asymmetrical sides, delicately assembled, offer a glimpse of the sumptuous lining, creating a refined interplay between mystery and elegance.

With compact dimensions, the Mini Dreamy reveals an interior space cleverly designed to hold the essentials of your daily life with ease. A large smartphone, a card holder or a small wallet, your keys and your favourite lipstick will naturally find their place in this trendy and resolutely practical bag.

The discreet and elegant silver chain can be easily stored inside the bag. You have the choice of wearing the Mini Dreamy in your hand for a chic look or crossbody for a touch of modernity and practicality, adapting your style to every occasion.

The magnetic closure of the Mini Dreamy subtly combines aesthetics and safety. Ingenious, it guarantees you absolute peace of mind while preserving the purity of the bag's design. The hot-embossed Lamaro brand is a testament to the authenticity and superior quality of each Mini Dreamy.

Manufacturing Secret

A true jewel entirely handcrafted in our workshop in Marseille, the Mini Dreamy immerses you in the world of luxury leather goods. Each bag is a unique piece, imbued with the prestige and meticulousness that characterize French craftsmanship.

The saddle stitching, handmade with French linen thread, embodies the excellence of fine leather goods. This technique, inherited from the French saddle tradition, gives the Mini Dreamy a timeless elegance and flawless resistance. The handle, also hand-sewn with its herringbone stitch, is the symbol of our identity and our devotion to excellence.

The edges of the bag are hot-threaded, a finish that enhances the edges with incomparable elegance. The edge dyeing, painstakingly applied by hand, adds an extra note of refinement that characterizes luxury leather goods, where the prestige of French craftsmanship meets the minimalist modernity of design.

Leathers & Care

At Lamaro, our commitment to sustainability and responsible fashion is also reflected in our approach to enhancing the value of what already exists. For our bags, we meticulously select upcycled raw materials, exclusively high-quality full-grain leathers from the dormant stocks of tanneries and luxury leather goods manufacturers.

The Mini Dreamy bag embodies excellence here with a smooth taupe calf leather with a gum finish, carefully chosen from Haas tanneries (France). This leather combines elegance and responsibility, highlighting a timeless shade that will go through the seasons with refinement. For its lining, we opted for a shiny sand-coloured calf leather with caviar grain, also from Haas tanneries. Each leather used in the making of the Mini Dreamy tells a unique story, bearing the imprint of its noble origin.

Leather, with time and regular care, develops a characteristic patina, making it even more authentic and personal. In order to preserve its beauty, it is essential to avoid exposing it to moisture, light and heat for long periods of time.

To ensure that your ethical leather bag accompanies you for many years, we recommend that you regularly nourish it with a maintenance balm. Gently apply a small amount of product to a soft cloth, then massage into the leather in light, circular motions to deeply hydrate. By taking care of your bag carefully, you will preserve its splendor and quality, giving you a timeless accessory that will last three times longer.


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